The Zentrum Paul Klee Museum


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A new year means a new beginning,  new adventures, new goals and one of our goals this year is to become more organized with our uploading schedule. So we decided to upload a new post once a week specially on … Continue reading

Sleuk Rith Institute {Virtual Architecture}


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Happy New Year!!!! We hope 2015 would be a year full of success for all of you!! In this post we want to share a virtual project, called “Sleuk Rith Institute” this is an incredible project from the amazing architect … Continue reading

Ayer’s Rock – Uluru; The Red Rock!


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TGIF! [Thank God is Friday!] Hope you´re enjoying this Christmas Season as well as we are!! For today’s post, we want to share an incredible place that we consider a beautiful piece of natural architecture, the Ayer’s Rock; also known … Continue reading

Architecture & Nature Wonder!!! [The Crystal Balcony]


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Long time no seen; I know it´s been a while since we haven´t posted anything in our blog; but we promise this time we won´t stop!!! In this post we are excited to talk about the most incredible balcony in … Continue reading

Kitchens; the heart of a home! {Organization tips}


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Well, hello there!!! On today’s post we are concluding our first mini serie [Kitchens; the heart of a home] so we decided to take the chance to talk about some organization tips which will make your life much easier. There … Continue reading

Kitchens; the heart of a home! {Kitchens Materials}


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Continuing with our first miniserie [Kitchens; the heart of a home!] on today´s post we want people to know the kind of materials that exist for kitchens and how they can be combined to create the perfect kitchen for everyone. … Continue reading