“Whitney Museum”

Hello my  friends, how’s your week going so far??

Today we want to share with all of you a very beautiful project that is under construction in the unique city of New York, the new “Whitney Museum” designed by the italian architect Renzo Piano.

This new version of the museum was designed acording to the needs of the museum. Renzo Piano made a solid structure to adapt the building to the neighborhood which is industrial.

According to Mr. Piano, “The design for the new museum emerges equally from a close study of Whitney’s needs and from a response to this remarkable site. We wanted to draw on its vitality and at the same time enhance its rich character”.

This project has the largest exhibition area than any other American art museum and it also has indoor and outdoor exhibition areas.

The ground floor has a spacious lobby, cafeteria and restaurants, on the second and third floor you can find exhibition areas, terraces, classrooms and a  theatre.

The upper stories of the building overlook the Hudson River on its West and step back gracefully from the elevated High Line Park to its East. The idea of this museum is to be more than a ordinary museum, it’s more like creating a place of recreation and learning of art.

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The New Whitney Museum

Happy half week!! We know we promised that we would be posting at least once a week and we also know its been almost a month since our last post; but these few days have been a little bit complicated because of work; but ….WE ARE BACK!!

On today´s post  we would like to show you a piece of paradise, the incredible hotel created over the sea; “Six Senses Laamu Resort”.

This wonderful place is located in the Maldives Islands in one of the little islands named Lamuu Atol in which the only way to arrive there is by a short boat ride,  which makes this adventure even more cooler because sometimes you can see dolphins swimming on the sides of the boat.

The “Six Senses Resort”, is built with sustainable materials, for example the structure is made of palm wood, combined with other woods that give form to the hotel.

The hotel consists of cottages that are connected by bridges over the sea, and there are big platforms where the lobby, kitchen, bar, restaurants, spa, and other amenities are located.

Having the chance to stay at this hotel will be one of the most exciting memories a person could ever live; just by looking at all the wonders God has created and the oportunity to experience living over the sea for a few days could make your mind blow up!! Stay tune!






Six Senses Laamu (Floating Hotel)

Memories of a trip by Aimée

Hello my dear friends!! for today´s post we prepared something special! We have the pleasure to know a great photographer and blogger Aimée Pesado; who recently shared with us some beautiful photographs that she took on her recent trip to the Caribbean.

Her trip began in San Juan; Puerto Rico on a cruise named Jewel of the Seas. The Schedule the ship had was to navigate by night and to stop by day on a different island.

Some places that Aimee visited were: Saint Martin, Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, etc. Her idea for the pictures was to express the personality of each place and represent how special it is on the face of this earth we live in.

Aimée Pesado, is a talented photographer, and she is also an incredible blogger, you can learned more about her and her incredible work on photography and fashion on her blog.http://fromstreetwithlove.me/; so check it out and don´t forget to tune in on our next post!










Sleuk Rith Institute {Virtual Architecture}

Happy New Year!!!! We hope 2015 would be a year full of success for all of you!!

In this post we want to share a virtual project, called “Sleuk Rith Institute” this is an incredible project from the amazing architect Zaha Hadid.

This place was created for the purpose to support an integrated community of local, regional and international professionals in a highly innovative facility combining a Museum of History, a Research and National Policy Development Center, and Academy of Genocide, Conflict and Human Rights Studies.

The design embraces the timeless humanitarian values and rich culture of Cambodia while transitioning away from traditional genocide and memorial architecture.

Here is the virtual tour, enjoy it!!

















Ayer’s Rock – Uluru; The Red Rock!

TGIF! [Thank God is Friday!] Hope you´re enjoying this Christmas Season as well as we are!!

For today’s post, we want to share an incredible place that we consider a beautiful piece of natural architecture, the Ayer’s Rock; also known as Uluru.

This incredible place is composed by a sandstone rock formation; it is located in Australia only248mi southeast of Alice Springs; it is considered one of the bigest monoliths in the entire world. It’s dimensions are1141ft high and5mi outline, and something amazing is that this mountain has1mi of depth, that means this mountan is bigger underground than it is on the surface!

William Gosse was the first Westerner explorer to reach the Uluru in 1873. After reaching its peak with his guide, Jamran [who’s Afghan], he renamed it Ayer’s Rock in honor of the Prime Minister of South Australia at that time.

The surface color changes depending on the hour or season; but the color of this place is most known as a brilliant red.

People can think that this is only a piece of rock on earth but when you see the majestic of this place you can feel inspiration.

As a curious fact; in 2014 Prince William and his wife; Kate Middleton recreated Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s moment at Ayer’s Rock in 1983.



Captura de pantalla 2014-12-16 a las 12.12.36





















Architecture & Nature Wonder!!! [The Crystal Balcony]

Long time no seen; I know it´s been a while since we haven´t posted anything in our blog; but we promise this time we won´t stop!!!

In this post we are excited to talk about the most incredible balcony in the world, it´s the Crystal Balcony located in Jasper National Park in Alberta; Canada.

This place is known for its rocky mountains and fantastic glaciers. The trip starts in the Sunwapta Valley which has 6 stations to board which gives you the opportunities to explore the geological, biological, hydrological ecosystem; also you may learn about the anthropology and the history of this unique place.

The final stop is the Crystal Balcony which is 918ft high and its longitude of 98ft. Here, many visitors have the best view of the famous Athabasca Glacier!! Also people may see different glaciers with their rugged peaks, many waterfalls and the wildlife surrounding it.

The idea of this project is that people may have the opportunity to interact with the entire environment and to make them feel a part of this majestic place; this is possible because of the 360º view you may have in every part of the balcony.

The design is incredible because the structure was created with only steel combined with glass.

This amazing project won an award from the World Architecture Festival; its cost was $21 million dollars; it was worth all that was spent!

We think this is an incredible example that architecture and nature can be combined and together have the capacity to bring us these majestic places.









JNP9Columbia Icefields

Columbia Icefields






Kitchens; the heart of a home! {Kitchens Materials}

Continuing with our first miniserie [Kitchens; the heart of a home!] on today´s post we want people to know the kind of materials that exist for kitchens and how they can be combined to create the perfect kitchen for everyone.

There are 2 important things people need to keep in mind when they are planning to build their new kitchen or when there´re planning to renew this special room. First of all you need to know what kind of house style you have in your home whether if it’s a Californian, Contemporary, modern, European, Farmhouse  or meriterranean and secondly you´ll need to be completely sure what kitchen style you want; [by the way you can check out our last post in which we talked about different kitchen styles].

This second one is the one we will be focusing on today´s post.

Beeing completely sure on what kitchen style you want for your kitchen is the main key for obtaining your dream kitchen. One super tip for it is to make a list of the materials that distinguish the specific style you wish for; once you have that you can start combining materials and tones to give your spirit to the project.

Generally kitchens are made of wood or some prefabricated materials which may be combined with some stones like marbel or granite, yet specific decorative spaces and items or even wall colors are the ones that give identity to the kitchen.

Some materials that now a days you may find in kitchens are: aluminium, plastic, resin, stainless steel, glass, acrilic, iron, concrete and even mirror.

You can use any material that is in this list to create your perfect kitchen, you just need to open your mind and start combining, until you complete your dream kitchen.

Now we will share some photos of kitchens created with all these kind of materials. Now all you have to do is get inspired and start your own list!




Kitchens, the heart of a home!

With this post we will begin a serie of 4 posts about kitchens. The idea is to talk about the importance kitchens have in our everyday life.
With each post we´ll try to show the art to design the ideal kitchen, and how to adapt the design to the functionality, comfort and identity of a project.

Kitchens are considered the heart of every home; because it is the main point of meeting and working for most families. Kitchen designs are often made with open view of dining and living rooms; and in these cases it is not only a work area but a visual kick or a decorative element for housing.

First of all a kitchen must be functional! to achieve this goal architects must find the relationship between storage areas, washing areas and preparation areas; if these 3 areas are perfectly related the kitchen is more functional.
The kitchen design should match the style of the house, but with a twist that makes it stand out from the other spaces. It should become the identity of the home you need.

As an architect I believe that the design of a kitchen is a challenge; but by striving in our creativity, a kitchen can be made a dream place in our project; since art can be found even in a kitchen!

Here are some examples of kitchens; so we can start getting inspired!
















What is a Virtual Architecture Tour?

A virtual tour in architecture is something that technological advances have contributed to this beautiful art.

In past times, an architect had to express the project through drawings and sketches. The power of imagination, the ability to design and draw were the main keys to transmit how people could have imagined a project not yet built.

Since the computer became a work tool for architects, there was an evolution of how to present projects. What caught the most attention in new architects was the ability to create 3D architectural plants. These new technological advances have progressed to the point of being able to make photorealism models in 3D and virtual architecture tours.

Virtual tours are very useful tools for architects, because it exposes the project as it will become; it gives you a real view of solar orientation depending on where your terrain is, the materials you would like to use, desired interior and exterior colors and even furniture.

Now a days modern constructions are using this type of technology as a way of showing customers how their project will be; that’s why making a virtual tour is a good investment for any kind of project because in a long term it becomes cheaper for them due to that they will know how their project will come out at the end; and they will see if the design meets their expectancies.

Having a virtual tour helps the project to save time; because with it you will have your project completely defined.

If you would like to have a virtual tour of your project contact us by sending us an email to architectureanddesingpnv@gmail.com or by leaving us your information here and we´ll be glad to contact you.


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Captura de pantalla 2014-05-14 a la(s) 14.15.43

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The Smoke that Thunders

The stunning Victoria Falls; this natural monument is in Africa on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe; and they are the waterfall of the Zambezi River, its width is approximately 5,604 ft and its height is 355 ft.

Victoria Falls are considerate part of the three biggest cataracts in the world along with the Iguazú and Horseshoe.

Above the falls there is a steel bridge crossing from side to side which was built in 1905. A curious fact is that this wonderful place has two names; because in 1855 the explorer and missionary David Livingstone named this place Victoria Falls in honor of the Queen of England; however the locals named this place Mosi -oa- Tunya, meaning “The Smoke that Thunders “.

The best time to visit this huge water curtain is between September and January, because it is rainy season and the level of the river gives more power to the waterfall. To enter this paradise there are two national parks that have multiple paths and views of it. In 1989 Victoria Falls was named World Heritage by UNESCO.

Words aren´t enough to express the reality of this amazing natural paradise. It’s a must on our visiting list! Join us!