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“BB House”:

Helloooo!!! How’s your week going so far??

On today’s post we want to share a very nice project designed by BAK Architects.

Something incredible in these times, is that you can display an architectural project that is not built yet; and this project is a clear example of that.

The idea of this project is to adapt a house to the enviroment, using a simple concrete structure that combines with the tones of the trees and the grass. This project also takes advantage of the terrain relief to give a nice distribution to the house.

So lets remember that now a days virtual architecture is an esential tool to create and modify projects according to the users needs.

If you have any interest in a creation of a virtual project you can contact us by sending us an email to and we will be looking forward to hear from you!

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TGIF! [Thank God is Friday!] As you all may have noticed on our last post we posted a picture in which you may see specifically where the “Grand Teton National Park” is. So we decided to start posting pictures like this in all our new posts for all you to know where all the amazing places we are talking about are!!

On today’s post we want to talk about an amazing piece of sustainable architecture that is located in Livorno; Italy. This building was designed by UNA2, Andrea Michelini and Laura Ceccarelli.

The main idea of this project was to create a sustainable building able to adapt to the environment, and instead of stealing energy, it  is capable to provide beauty and harmony.

The project design is only one floor which has a large entrance plaza surrounded by greenery areas; it features one underground access which leads directly to the train, in the interior of the building; you may also find a library, cafeteria, playroom, and multi-purpose area.

The design uses innovative technologies in order to improve the energy performance of the building. The choices made include high performance envelope components, natural ventilation systems, underground conducts for preheating the ventilation air in winter and cooling in summer, it also has a photovoltaic system, solar thermal collectors that uses water for the production of domestic hot water, a monitoring and control system to control the plant systems and the building systems.

The exploitation of natural light contributes to energy saving through the use of a lighting system equipped to automatically control the light intensity depending on the intake of light.

Hope you liked this incredible place! Enjoy your weekend!!

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“Le Creste” Cultural Centre

Happy Wendsday!! How was your Spring Break??? Ours was really relaxing and full of celebration specially becuase Jesus has risen!!

Today’s post is about the “Grand Teton National Park” which is located in the USA in Wyoming.

This majestic place is formed  by large mountains in peak forms,  and on the slopes there are extensive plains covered with sage and you can also find glacial lakes at its base, creating a world-famous landscape that attracts nearly four million visitors per year.

In this wonderful place people can do many activities; in summer people are usually hiking, walking, wildlife watching, shooting, camping, backpacking, climbing, fishing, swimming or taking boat rides, fast canoes and bicycles. In the winter skiing and snowshoeing tours are popular activities.

This place is a unique option to fill you with energy and to enjoy nature while enjoying its beauty.

Grand Teton National Park



Grand Teton National Park













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Grand Teton National Park

Happy half week!! We know we promised that we would be posting at least once a week and we also know its been almost a month since our last post; but these few days have been a little bit complicated because of work; but ….WE ARE BACK!!

On today´s post  we would like to show you a piece of paradise, the incredible hotel created over the sea; “Six Senses Laamu Resort”.

This wonderful place is located in the Maldives Islands in one of the little islands named Lamuu Atol in which the only way to arrive there is by a short boat ride,  which makes this adventure even more cooler because sometimes you can see dolphins swimming on the sides of the boat.

The “Six Senses Resort”, is built with sustainable materials, for example the structure is made of palm wood, combined with other woods that give form to the hotel.

The hotel consists of cottages that are connected by bridges over the sea, and there are big platforms where the lobby, kitchen, bar, restaurants, spa, and other amenities are located.

Having the chance to stay at this hotel will be one of the most exciting memories a person could ever live; just by looking at all the wonders God has created and the oportunity to experience living over the sea for a few days could make your mind blow up!! Stay tune!






Six Senses Laamu (Floating Hotel)

Memories of a trip by Aimée

Hello my dear friends!! for today´s post we prepared something special! We have the pleasure to know a great photographer and blogger Aimée Pesado; who recently shared with us some beautiful photographs that she took on her recent trip to the Caribbean.

Her trip began in San Juan; Puerto Rico on a cruise named Jewel of the Seas. The Schedule the ship had was to navigate by night and to stop by day on a different island.

Some places that Aimee visited were: Saint Martin, Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, etc. Her idea for the pictures was to express the personality of each place and represent how special it is on the face of this earth we live in.

Aimée Pesado, is a talented photographer, and she is also an incredible blogger, you can learned more about her and her incredible work on photography and fashion on her blog.; so check it out and don´t forget to tune in on our next post!










The Zentrum Paul Klee Museum

A new year means a new beginning,  new adventures, new goals and one of our goals this year is to become more organized with our uploading schedule. So we decided to upload a new post once a week specially on Thursdays!! So be tuned to see more about our contents!

On today’s post we will talk about an amazing museum; the Zentrum Paul Klee Museum. This is a beautiful project located in Bern Switzerland, created by Renzo Piano; an italian architect. The building was created in homage to the great painter Paul Klee; one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

The museum is located near Schöngrüng, northeast of Bern. In the middle of a meadow of green tranquility this museum looks like if it was implanted in the ground. There is a forest in the background and the Alps on the merits, in which the building tries to blend into.

The design of the museum is based on curves emerging from the ground forming an arch and arriving to the floor again, and the intention is to adapt the project to the surrounding environment.

The structure is made of steel girders, and the facades are made of glass, combining these materials in the exterior with grass and a diversity of vegetation; the principal materials used in the interior are combined with oak on the floor.

We think that good architecture is one that really adapts to the enviroment and Zentrum Paul Klee Museum achieves it!

















Paul Klee Center, Bern, Switzerland


Sleuk Rith Institute {Virtual Architecture}

Happy New Year!!!! We hope 2015 would be a year full of success for all of you!!

In this post we want to share a virtual project, called “Sleuk Rith Institute” this is an incredible project from the amazing architect Zaha Hadid.

This place was created for the purpose to support an integrated community of local, regional and international professionals in a highly innovative facility combining a Museum of History, a Research and National Policy Development Center, and Academy of Genocide, Conflict and Human Rights Studies.

The design embraces the timeless humanitarian values and rich culture of Cambodia while transitioning away from traditional genocide and memorial architecture.

Here is the virtual tour, enjoy it!!















Ayer’s Rock – Uluru; The Red Rock!

TGIF! [Thank God is Friday!] Hope you´re enjoying this Christmas Season as well as we are!!

For today’s post, we want to share an incredible place that we consider a beautiful piece of natural architecture, the Ayer’s Rock; also known as Uluru.

This incredible place is composed by a sandstone rock formation; it is located in Australia only248mi southeast of Alice Springs; it is considered one of the bigest monoliths in the entire world. It’s dimensions are1141ft high and5mi outline, and something amazing is that this mountain has1mi of depth, that means this mountan is bigger underground than it is on the surface!

William Gosse was the first Westerner explorer to reach the Uluru in 1873. After reaching its peak with his guide, Jamran [who’s Afghan], he renamed it Ayer’s Rock in honor of the Prime Minister of South Australia at that time.

The surface color changes depending on the hour or season; but the color of this place is most known as a brilliant red.

People can think that this is only a piece of rock on earth but when you see the majestic of this place you can feel inspiration.

As a curious fact; in 2014 Prince William and his wife; Kate Middleton recreated Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s moment at Ayer’s Rock in 1983.



Captura de pantalla 2014-12-16 a las 12.12.36

















Kitchens; the heart of a home! {Organization tips}

Well, hello there!!! On today’s post we are concluding our first mini serie [Kitchens; the heart of a home] so we decided to take the chance to talk about some organization tips which will make your life much easier.

There is no better way to explain it than showing it with some photos; that’s why the main key for this post are all the photos you may find bellow. We hope you enjoy it and start getting creative inspired by these photos.

By the way, check out our pinterest account [Architecture&Desing P+N+V] where you may find many other different ways to get inspired; you’ll love it!

Why not use a CD rack to hold Tupperware lids.


Use transparent Tupperware for storage such as your rice, sugar, beans, flour, nuts; in order to have them all together.


This is a perfect way to use every single space in your kitchen. Add a cutting board holder in one of your cabinets doors.


Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee or tea? Well here’s a good idea for having your little piece of heaven in your own kitchen. You will need a drawer and some dividers; which you may find in your local store or you may DIY just by using some foam board, a ruler and a cutter.


A super way for storing knifes in a under cabinet block drawer; this way you may keep them away from kids reach and off the counter.


If you are one of those persons who loves baking, you will know that trays can be annoying to storage them; this won’t be a problem anymore; check out this great solution! Use one cabinet nearby your oven so that you’ll have everything together and ready for baking; remember you can DIY your own dividers by using some foam board.


Use magazine holders for storing all your cans.


Talking about magazines, you may also use the magazine rack for storing all your pot lids neatly as opposed to thrown around your cabinets.


For a better way for storing your pots and pans try this out; all you need is a sliding rail with hooks and a space inside your kitchen counter.


Such a great idea; instead of using a drawer!


Instead of having sink cabinets use drawers it will make your life easier when you’re trying to reach for something.


Pan organizers?  yes they do exists; but here’s another good way for using them!


No more broken dishes!  How do you store your dishes? It’s probably most common to keep plates, bowls, and cups in overhead cabinets but having a deep drawer is the best option because you may find your dishes neat, organized, and generally easier to lift a bunch of plates out. 


Spice drawer beneath your stove? Yes please!


Kitchens; the heart of a home! {Kitchens Materials}

Continuing with our first miniserie [Kitchens; the heart of a home!] on today´s post we want people to know the kind of materials that exist for kitchens and how they can be combined to create the perfect kitchen for everyone.

There are 2 important things people need to keep in mind when they are planning to build their new kitchen or when there´re planning to renew this special room. First of all you need to know what kind of house style you have in your home whether if it’s a Californian, Contemporary, modern, European, Farmhouse  or meriterranean and secondly you´ll need to be completely sure what kitchen style you want; [by the way you can check out our last post in which we talked about different kitchen styles].

This second one is the one we will be focusing on today´s post.

Beeing completely sure on what kitchen style you want for your kitchen is the main key for obtaining your dream kitchen. One super tip for it is to make a list of the materials that distinguish the specific style you wish for; once you have that you can start combining materials and tones to give your spirit to the project.

Generally kitchens are made of wood or some prefabricated materials which may be combined with some stones like marbel or granite, yet specific decorative spaces and items or even wall colors are the ones that give identity to the kitchen.

Some materials that now a days you may find in kitchens are: aluminium, plastic, resin, stainless steel, glass, acrilic, iron, concrete and even mirror.

You can use any material that is in this list to create your perfect kitchen, you just need to open your mind and start combining, until you complete your dream kitchen.

Now we will share some photos of kitchens created with all these kind of materials. Now all you have to do is get inspired and start your own list!