What is a Virtual Architecture Tour?


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A virtual tour in architecture is something that technological advances have contributed to this beautiful art. In past times, an architect had to express the project through drawings and sketches. The power of imagination, the ability to design and draw … Continue reading

Yaspe Offices


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Yaspe Offices; is an interior design project, where the intension was to create an innovative workspace and make the final project with an economic cost. The project involves the creation of some work modules for an office of an architectural … Continue reading

Kulapat Yantrasast (Venice House)


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    Kulapat Yantrasast is an architect of Thai origin who came to revolutionize modern architecture with great designs, ideas and innovation. His first contact with the architecture was at the age of 10, when his small house suffered some … Continue reading

The Grand Canyon


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The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place located in northern Arizona, and its name is because this natural wonder passed through the Colorado River. It’s amazing how this place was formed, through the continuous and powerful water flow. Through the … Continue reading