Memories of a trip by Aimée

Hello my dear friends!! for today´s post we prepared something special! We have the pleasure to know a great photographer and blogger Aimée Pesado; who recently shared with us some beautiful photographs that she took on her recent trip to the Caribbean.

Her trip began in San Juan; Puerto Rico on a cruise named Jewel of the Seas. The Schedule the ship had was to navigate by night and to stop by day on a different island.

Some places that Aimee visited were: Saint Martin, Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, etc. Her idea for the pictures was to express the personality of each place and represent how special it is on the face of this earth we live in.

Aimée Pesado, is a talented photographer, and she is also an incredible blogger, you can learned more about her and her incredible work on photography and fashion on her blog.; so check it out and don´t forget to tune in on our next post!










What is a Virtual Architecture Tour?

A virtual tour in architecture is something that technological advances have contributed to this beautiful art.

In past times, an architect had to express the project through drawings and sketches. The power of imagination, the ability to design and draw were the main keys to transmit how people could have imagined a project not yet built.

Since the computer became a work tool for architects, there was an evolution of how to present projects. What caught the most attention in new architects was the ability to create 3D architectural plants. These new technological advances have progressed to the point of being able to make photorealism models in 3D and virtual architecture tours.

Virtual tours are very useful tools for architects, because it exposes the project as it will become; it gives you a real view of solar orientation depending on where your terrain is, the materials you would like to use, desired interior and exterior colors and even furniture.

Now a days modern constructions are using this type of technology as a way of showing customers how their project will be; that’s why making a virtual tour is a good investment for any kind of project because in a long term it becomes cheaper for them due to that they will know how their project will come out at the end; and they will see if the design meets their expectancies.

Having a virtual tour helps the project to save time; because with it you will have your project completely defined.

If you would like to have a virtual tour of your project contact us by sending us an email to or by leaving us your information here and we´ll be glad to contact you.


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