TGIF! [Thank God is Friday!] As you all may have noticed on our last post we posted a picture in which you may see specifically where the “Grand Teton National Park” is. So we decided to start posting pictures like this in all our new posts for all you to know where all the amazing places we are talking about are!!

On today’s post we want to talk about an amazing piece of sustainable architecture that is located in Livorno; Italy. This building was designed by UNA2, Andrea Michelini and Laura Ceccarelli.

The main idea of this project was to create a sustainable building able to adapt to the environment, and instead of stealing energy, it  is capable to provide beauty and harmony.

The project design is only one floor which has a large entrance plaza surrounded by greenery areas; it features one underground access which leads directly to the train, in the interior of the building; you may also find a library, cafeteria, playroom, and multi-purpose area.

The design uses innovative technologies in order to improve the energy performance of the building. The choices made include high performance envelope components, natural ventilation systems, underground conducts for preheating the ventilation air in winter and cooling in summer, it also has a photovoltaic system, solar thermal collectors that uses water for the production of domestic hot water, a monitoring and control system to control the plant systems and the building systems.

The exploitation of natural light contributes to energy saving through the use of a lighting system equipped to automatically control the light intensity depending on the intake of light.

Hope you liked this incredible place! Enjoy your weekend!!

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“Le Creste” Cultural Centre

Architecture & Nature Wonder!!! [The Crystal Balcony]

Long time no seen; I know it´s been a while since we haven´t posted anything in our blog; but we promise this time we won´t stop!!!

In this post we are excited to talk about the most incredible balcony in the world, it´s the Crystal Balcony located in Jasper National Park in Alberta; Canada.

This place is known for its rocky mountains and fantastic glaciers. The trip starts in the Sunwapta Valley which has 6 stations to board which gives you the opportunities to explore the geological, biological, hydrological ecosystem; also you may learn about the anthropology and the history of this unique place.

The final stop is the Crystal Balcony which is 918ft high and its longitude of 98ft. Here, many visitors have the best view of the famous Athabasca Glacier!! Also people may see different glaciers with their rugged peaks, many waterfalls and the wildlife surrounding it.

The idea of this project is that people may have the opportunity to interact with the entire environment and to make them feel a part of this majestic place; this is possible because of the 360º view you may have in every part of the balcony.

The design is incredible because the structure was created with only steel combined with glass.

This amazing project won an award from the World Architecture Festival; its cost was $21 million dollars; it was worth all that was spent!

We think this is an incredible example that architecture and nature can be combined and together have the capacity to bring us these majestic places.









JNP9Columbia Icefields

Columbia Icefields



What is a Virtual Architecture Tour?

A virtual tour in architecture is something that technological advances have contributed to this beautiful art.

In past times, an architect had to express the project through drawings and sketches. The power of imagination, the ability to design and draw were the main keys to transmit how people could have imagined a project not yet built.

Since the computer became a work tool for architects, there was an evolution of how to present projects. What caught the most attention in new architects was the ability to create 3D architectural plants. These new technological advances have progressed to the point of being able to make photorealism models in 3D and virtual architecture tours.

Virtual tours are very useful tools for architects, because it exposes the project as it will become; it gives you a real view of solar orientation depending on where your terrain is, the materials you would like to use, desired interior and exterior colors and even furniture.

Now a days modern constructions are using this type of technology as a way of showing customers how their project will be; that’s why making a virtual tour is a good investment for any kind of project because in a long term it becomes cheaper for them due to that they will know how their project will come out at the end; and they will see if the design meets their expectancies.

Having a virtual tour helps the project to save time; because with it you will have your project completely defined.

If you would like to have a virtual tour of your project contact us by sending us an email to or by leaving us your information here and we´ll be glad to contact you.


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Captura de pantalla 2014-05-14 a la(s) 14.15.43

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Los Cabos

Did you know that UNESCO named recently Los Cabos World Heritage?

Los Cabos is a beautiful example of natural architecture. It is one of the most popular destinations in the American Continent. It is located on the peninsula of Baja California Sur in Mexico.

This place has its own charm; due to the blue tones of the sea and some beige and brown rocks that are in the sea and on its beaches.

During the summer it is very common for people to visit Magdalena Bay because that´s when people can watch the gray whale during its reproduction fase.

It is also one of the most important tourist corridors of Mexico and it has a wide range of commerce, hotels and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

The architecture is varied, but the most beautiful part of this place has a mediterranean style by using white in their construction and obtaining an excellent contrast with the colors of the sea, the land and the sky.

This place is beautiful and it is very likely that you´ll want to come back!
















Yaspe Offices

Yaspe Offices; is an interior design project, where the intension was to create an innovative workspace and make the final project with an economic cost.

The project involves the creation of some work modules for an office of an architectural firm design.

The project consists in three modules of work; the first module is specially designed for draftsmen. This room has separate spaces one for a computer, and the other spaces for individual work for each draftsmen.

The second and third module are joined together in a shape of a horseshoe; the first part of the room is the area for customer attention were you may find a cubicle for a secretary and next to it, there is enough space for the administrative area, also this room has space for storage area. The second part has a large storage cabinet which becomes a desk for reviewing plans and saving them; also at the end of the room there is a snack area where you can find a bar fridge, a microwave and sink.












Offices VG

Is a small building created for the purpose of accommodating modern offices. This project is based on functionality; to do this we optimized the spaces because the proportions of the land were not the best.






The idea was to create basement parking, getting 100% of buildable area. The building features are: basement, 3 floors and a roof garden. Each floor has restrooms, four independent offices and stairs.


St3 St4



The style of this project is modern, for it is based on straight lines, using the combination of materials in the same range of colors, textures and fine materials with near perfect symmetry.


St5 St6 St7 St8 St9 St10 St11 St12


The design is based on three outdated cubes, the two cubes in the background form the main body of the structure, while the front cube is the staircase. The project also has terraces intercepting between its sides and floors allowing an architectural rhythm that gives identity to the building.


Cibeles House

This is a residence designed with the purpose of creating a comfortable, beautiful and stylish place created by us.

The challenge was to create beautiful views in a terrain surrounded by tall and narrow walls, and at the same time we had to accommodate broad spaces.



The concept in this project is the human skeleton in which the main shaft spaces are all distributed. We used a passage which communicates the entire house, providing functionality. The intention of this project was to create feelings of energy through light by using many areas of glass for clarity. The house plays with volumes allowing to intercept the entry of light and air; an example of this is the pool that has a special design to have a free area leaving an enclosed space that gives privacy and makes it a special place.







The materials we use are cold materials accompanied by the vividness of the combination of wood and vegetation in the yard.